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Business Owner

Transformational Speaker/LifeCoach

Marcell Johnson is a Transformational Public Speaker & Coach who influences, impacts, and speaks into the lives of people all over the world from all walks of life.


Through Transformational Coaching he has helped many break toxic cycles, addictions, hopelessness & brought joy, love & purpose back into their lives. Virtually or physically, Marcell connects with all his people & considers them his tribe.  


Life trails, education along with his God given gifts inspired him to become an entrepreneur who loves helping people rise to the best version of themselves, ultimately setting them free. Marcell is heavily involved in his current city Pittsburgh Pa. He speaks in conferences, schools, colleges, churches organizations, workshops, festivals, establishments and a plethora of other events. Marcell, now on his 4th season was inspired to curate / produce his own show titled "The Freedom Experience", where he interviews people from all walks of life. 


In 2022 Marcell launched his second organization, GLOBAL TRANSFORMATION".  "GLT" was created to unite, build, and expand entrepreneurs. He highlights, interviews and presents selected winners with an Award for their dedication & outstanding service to the city of Pittsburgh.


He also created "B2P'" Back 2 Purpose under "GLT" . B2P teaches social emotional learning (SEL) to schools, establishments & other interested institutions.


In 2017 Marcell's heart for the homeless started his philanthropy work. Since then he's been having seasonal Homeless Drives partnering with Light of Life Rescue Mission Shelter, through His NonProfit Kingdom Kids Worldwide Inc  



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